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SportsKhelo has taken a pledge to provide every Sportsperson an opportunity of playing the sports of their choice, encourage and skill them, thereby develop a Sports pro community which is Fit, positive and empathetic.

SportsKhelo offers an equal opportunity to every Sportsperson to transform the world of sports by providing them different sporting options to showcase their talent in sports of their choice. Partcipants get to play as individuals as well as Team, representing their Society/School/College/University or Corporate Organization at different level of tournaments. SKI will help Sportspersons to skill themselves with the help of professional coaches and develop them for state, national and international level competitions.

Why chose SportsKhelo?

SportsKhelo.in is a Sports Event platform focused on driving positive change for every user by engaging and connecting the sport lovers, facilities, businesses and other organizations involved in the development of sport and related activities. SportsKhelo.in is curated for encouraging the sporting culture in our Society across all genders and age groups!

Our Vision :

To help build a Sports-pro Society which is Positive, Active and Fit.

Our Mission :

“SportsKhelo aspire to be No. 1 multi sports event platform of India by bringing the Sports facilities and Sports Enthusiasts together”