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Corporate Events

SportsKhelo works in tandem with Corporates –

We understand that physical activity improves the physical and mental health, brings excitement and fun quotient to the work places making them ideal place to work, hence our services are aligned to deliver fun and positive energy for our participants and a high value long term returns for our clients-

  • Corporates use the services of SportsKhelo.in (SKI) to organize their Interdepartmental Sports Event, Inhouse, Offsite and at Sports Venues to increase the Employee Engagement levels.
  • Corporates allow their respective Sports Team to participate in Open Corporate Events organized by SKI, wherein either the Fee is paid fully or partially by the Company itself, help their Human Capital to get more Active and Productive
  • Corporate are the biggest Sponsors of SKI Sports Events and get a strong business promotion platform by aligning their Brand promotion, Product launch & Marketing strategies with our events.
  • Corporates may choose to sponsor the training/coaching of budding sportsperson (identified by SKI and assessed by competent authorities) coming from underprivileged background under CSR Initiative for social development activities
  • Corporates may develop the sports facilities in partnership with SKI, managed jointly to promote sports and improve Work Life Balance of employees

Open Events
SportsKhelo organizes lot of Open Tournaments across various categories and sports, for everyone to participate, by being open for all, it brings lot of excitement to players to meet new players and compete with them.

It enthralls sportspersons to be part of Big Events and see experts around them who not only motivate them to perform better, participant's get handy tips and tricks from Coaches to improve their game

Participants make new connections with players, coaches and explore a new world of sports arena

Community Events
SportsKhelo.in wishes to bring out the best of the talent from every possible source and hence organizes events in different housing societies, where in all age group and gender is invited to participate. SKI has done multiple events within and inter society to foster the competitiveness amongst players